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US Financial Rating Agencies are at Fault

Rating Agencies involved in Financial Crisis


The financial rating agencies were a safeguard for investors but the US Financial Rating Agencies are at Fault and were involved in the financial crisis. The rating agencies credibility needs to be challenged as a result of the financial collapse on Wall Street. Wall Street Grand brings our member's not only the Best Penny Stock List but OTC Stock Picks but also the resources and support you need to Buy Penny Stock effectively in today's complex financial market..

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  Financial Rating Agencies are at Fault

    The rating agencies credibility needs to be challenged as a result of Financial Crisis


The establishment of financial rating agencies was a safeguard for investors who could get reliable information and accounting of financial firms. However, the rating agencies credibility needs to be challenged. The recent demise of major firms such as Bear Sterns, AIG and Lehmann were not in any rating downgrade �free fall� from a rating agency. This puts into perspective the lack of �stealth� rating capability of these agencies. The blame or fault is not the concern. What is troubling is that the process is no longer reliable or nimble enough in this Global warp speed financial market system we are in today.


Today�s rating agency hearings are taking place and the �gut� reaction is once again the U.S. is mired in old school bureaucratic process which usually ends up with no significant outcome. In fact they usually result in less transparency for the investor although this current day overused word TRANSPARENCY will be communicated in nauseaum. The good news is that opportunity exists for those who could provide rating information that is timely and more streamlined. In the meantime, the rating info is less important in the analyst overall financial research of firms. This also is the concern of venture capital and foreign investors. The rating agency firms reputation are at stake, although, the perception in the court of public opinion is and has been shaky at best. Furthermore, these agencies could have been a safeguard against the free fall in the Housing bubble. But they failed to raise the flag. Credibility in financial reporting is essential for the U.S. we are not a banana republic.


Our financial institutions are credible and many U.S firms provide financial security and trust for their clients. Many contracted agencies are paid to evaluate businesses performance and the spin is usually positive and not very forthcoming with the bad news. They are used more to justify corporate fiefdoms. Akin to today�s society where all teams win get trophies etc�.. Not conducive for winning in the NEW AGE business competition current and future generations will be faced with.


The International Global market is a game changer for the old boy business as usual rating agency game plan.

















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