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  Small Cap Stocks          

     The Best Small Cap Stock Investment


History has shown that small cap stocks recover faster from economic downturns and bear markets than most others. Not only do we prefer small cap stocks for this reason, but also because many of these companies are still under the radar. That gives savvy investors the chance to get in before Wall Street discovers them. We help you to identify the right small cap stocks to buy  with our newsletter alerts to advice our subscribers when to jump aboard.

Investing in small cap stocks requires work and research. Our team at WallStreetGrand.com finds niche areas that some small companies are great at. We research what type of product or service they provide. What advancements or improvements the company has achieved. We also research the company's competitors and make sure there is minimal competition. We also analyze profitability statement and reports. How many shares do the managers or owners have. And the latest advances in technology do they use to implement production. As you can see, lot of research goes into selecting the best small cap stocks. With our newsletter, we help you save time and money by identifying profitable companies to help you make the right choices and less risky investments.

The key to success is the getting in the right time before these small cap stocks explode and become in the public eye. Use our small cap stock picks to find the right investment for you. With our alerts, you'll become a more confident investor. Follow our picks and you will also gain confidence in buying small caps stocks. Even in the midst of a recovering economy, now is the time to buy these stocks before they rebound.

Investing in small cap stocks.

Here are some tips to assist you investing in small cap stocks and help you cash in right now. We recommend you take the following three points into consideration when investing.

1. Company News

Pay attention to news releases, whether it's the reporting of results or just a trading updates. It's very often that news releases will kick start a share into the green area.  Stay informed when investing in small cap stocks by subscribing to our newsletter so you read the latest announcements from the best small cap stocks.

2. Volume

Volume refers to the amount of shares that are exchanged during a particular trading day. Small cap stocks that have low amounts of volume and suddenly rise, is a good indicator that the price is about to move a lot higher. Our team monitors these trends of such active small cap stocks. With our alerts, you can make some healthy profits by jumping on board after you notice these spikes in volume. Of course you should always do your research about a particular small cap company before you put up your money - but if the company is financially secure and has excellent growth potential, then it's not a bad idea to invest in them.

3. Breakouts

Breakouts are one of the most profitable ways to trade shares generally. However when small cap stocks break out of an established trading range, it's usually even more profitable. This is because many of the individual investors will notice this breakout and will jump on board pushing the price even higher. On small cap stocks that are often lightly traded, this can result in huge gains in a matter of just a few days or weeks. In fact gains of 50-200% are possible on occasions when there's enough momentum behind a particular breakout.

If you do decide to invest in small cap stocks, you should take these three points into consideration because they can prove to be very profitable.

Small Cap Stocks List of Companies.

We settled on three small cap companies all of which are in different sectors that boast plenty of cash and the potential to generate explosive growth over the next few months. Here are small cap stocks list of companies we like right now:

1. Our new huge pick that we have been waiting for months to announce is HTLJ! I have been following HTLJ for over 6 months and believe now is finally the time to make a move on this one of a kind investment opportunity. HTLJ could be one of the most undervalued companies in the small-cap arena that we have ever come across. HTLJ is growing rapidly and expects to have annual sales of over $100 Million! Not only are the company's revenues skyrocketing but the company is ALREADY PROFITABLE! The best part is - HTLJ is currently only $0.32 with a market cap of only $14.3 Million! Furthermore, HTLJ's quarterly revenue growth is 267% year over year! Do the math!

2. NYMH has been on our radar all month and after making a spectacular run from $0.07 to as high as $0.29 for a massive gain of 314% in just one week we have been waiting for the perfect dip to play it as a major bounce play. Our timing could be perfect! NYMH closed strong yesterday to $0.19 after hitting a low of $0.14 from profit taking at the high of $0.29. NYMH just announced breaking news this morning pre-market that I think could spark it up again very quickly sending it back into the high $0.20's or higher. Add NYMH to your radar right now and start your research!

3. Our new short-term breakout pick is BONU. I think we could see a major breakout for this stock because of the recent momentum and investor awareness taking place so do your research. BioNeutral is a specialty Life Science company, organized in 2003, that intends to commercialize a novel combinational chemistry-based technology which can neutralize harmful environmental contaminants, toxins and dangerous micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses and spores.

The bottom line is that in a market like this, you need to look for small cap stocks not only to handle the rough seas, but which will continue to thrive well after we are through this rough economic condition. 

And by nailing down small cap companies that are growing their earnings and have plenty of cash in the bank, it's an excellent place to start.






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